The consequences of wing flapping on earth.

By: whenthecatisasleep

Mar 08 2011

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“What a deceitful thing a photograph is. They say that memory plays tricks on one. Not nearly as much as a photograph does, in my view.”

Rosamond in The rain before it falls, Jonathan Coe.

I’ve just finished this novel and it’s a great, excellent read. Not only it’s extremely well written and full of spoken thoughts, like I like prose to be. But it’s also a very gripping story that encompasses generations in a beautifully sad tale. It’s story-telling printed on paper, or coded in xml, whatever medium you are using. Comparable without any doubt to the greatness of Cien años de soledad [One hundred years of solitude] by G.G. Marquez, except for important differences in the style of the language and the overall magical and supernatural atmosphere. Go and get it; it’s a great novel!!!


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