Imaginary borders are not real

By: whenthecatisasleep

May 17 2011

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Focal Length:25mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D7000

“We are all los inmigrantes, the Soul is The First Immigrant: The Soul cannot be held back by any imaginary boundary drawn against it; not by mountain ranges, not by rivers, nor by human scorn. The Soul, goes everywhere, like an old woman in her right mind, going anywhere she wishes, saying whatever she wants, bending to mend whatever is within her reach. Wherever she goes, the Soul brings new life.”

The dangerous old woman, Clarissa Pinkola Estés

PHOTO taken in Carlingford Co. Louth, looking at the border with Northern Ireland. In this day when the Queen of the United Kingdom visits her ex-territories, let’s not forget those territories that she held on to and all the grief and sorrow that this has caused and continues to cause still.


2 comments on “Imaginary borders are not real”

  1. Yes, although I think Soul can be held back by Soul itself: by fear, by pessimism, by getting lost in passion or even routine – but also it can break free again by Soul itself – or by another Soul.

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