Love is a loosing game, she said

By: whenthecatisasleep

Jul 24 2011

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“I always try and put a kick into them [songs] because when I listen back to those songs when I’m sixty I don’t ever want to think that I was a depressed and fucked up seventeen year old. I want to think I handled it well, didn’t create too much of a drama. The songs that I love are when you expect one thing and they say the other. I love being surprised and I try and do that myself, flip things at the end.”

Amy Winehouse, from “My Amy is true” interview by Phil Udell, Hot Press (2004)


2 comments on “Love is a loosing game, she said”

  1. REally nice composition. I love the tail trailing the door. BTW, a twin to this kitty lives in my house:)

    • Thanks, this is one of my favourites too. Are you serious about the twin kitty??? Do you have any pictures? Micio (my cat)’s grandad lives in the neighborood too, so I get to see how he’ll look like when old,lazy and blind eheheh

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