As bright as the dawn of a new dream.

By: whenthecatisasleep

Nov 21 2011

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Category: Sky


Focal Length:38mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D7000

Here’s to the dawn of things to come
of things undone and
of things long gone.
Like the sky catches fire
while the sun rises fast,
don’t get burnt by your dreams,
follow paths, make new footprints,
lead the way to new dreams.

It only lasts five, ten minutes,
even less,
then it’s over.
The brightness makes the clouds
shy away.
The red and the pink
and their peachy golden splendour
will only last in these prints.

But the new dreams’ll taste sweeter
when you’ll see them
as they shine in new light.


[Photo taken at dawn, in November]


2 comments on “As bright as the dawn of a new dream.”

  1. amazing poem, awesome photo, all great!

  2. thank you so much!
    I felt pretty inspired, it must show 😉

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