Lupin spikes

By: whenthecatisasleep

Jun 29 2013

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D7000

Last time I went home I brought back a bunch of CDs and books from the distant pasts, the times now past and in the long-gone past. Some of those books where subsequently put on one of the ‘to-read’ piles (there are currently 2 ‘to-read’ piles, not very successfull at going through them) and soon forgotten.

Earlier I picked up one of these books and realised I had put a date on it – 12 years ago.
So I had a look inside. Some underlined words and passages stick out of the pages. The book is a collection of poems by Charles Bukowski, “Bone palace ballet: new poems“/”Quando eravamo giovani“, with original text and parallel Italian translation. I was still learning English at the time and I obviously wanted to highlight funky words I’d never heard of or phrases I wanted to learn: bullshit, misled, drab suckers, snot, ceiling, avoiding becoming ensnared. It was my beloved Bukowski and it was all so exotic to me!

I think one has to love printed books even just for the pleasure of going back to them, physical entities in the physical space, and retracing the steps once taken, the words once handwritten amongst the pages. It might feel the same with tagging and annotations on electronic texts, but I don’t know yet, it’s quite subjective I think.

Some of the passages highlighted in pencil are quite telling of my taste and mood of the time.
Here’s one of them:

“Mr. Chinaski, your rent is
overdue, are you all

“oh, yes, thank you.”

“I hear your music playing,
night and day,
you sit in your room night
and day with the shades
pulled down…
are you all right?”

“I’m a writer.”

From Total madness by Charles Bukowsi, published in Bone palace ballet: new poems, 1997.

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